March 6, 2023

The Ultimate Foodie Guide: Top 20 Food Bloggers in Singapore to Follow this 2023

What Do Food Bloggers Do?

Many people are into food nowadays and want to get their money's worth. They refer to a food blogger and see their blog about a particular restaurant to decide if they will try the chef's cooking or go to a different one.

Food bloggers typically write about their experiences in different restaurants, but some create recipes and share them in their blogs. In some cases, these bloggers may have a background in journalism or have experience being a chef.

With the abundance of these Singaporean food bloggers, choosing which ones to follow can take time and effort. In this post, Khepri Digital will explore Singapore's top 20 food bloggers in 2023.

Top 20 Food Bloggers in Singapore

Inside the diverse range of Singapore's food scene, you will find the perfect match for your taste budsfrom the yummy foods sold by street vendors to tender steaks in fine dining restaurants. With so many competitors, restaurants struggle to make a name for themselves. Here enters the rise of food blogs.

Food blogging comes with having a huge appetite and the strength to leave honest reviews. These top 20 food bloggers in Singapore can help you narrow your next food escapades and even show you the hidden gems in the area.

1. Daniel Food Diary

Known as one of the top food bloggers in the country, Daniel Ang gathers over a million views on the website consistently every month. Featuring food scoops from all kinds of cuisine to restaurant reviews in other countries, Daniel Food Diary is your go-to when finding new restaurants that will tickle your fancy.

You can find him on:

@danielfooddiary on Instagram

2. LadyIronChef

Brad Lau bases his blogs on personal experiences in the local culinary scene. Many find him one of the top food influencers in Singapore, as seen in his 584k and 837k followers on Instagram and Facebook. His blogs range from Michelin-starred restaurants to hawker food. Brad Lau keeps his reviews reasonably short but straight to the point.

You can find him on:

@ladyironchef on Instagram

3. Miss Tam Chiak

One of the oldest food blogs in Singapore, Maureen started Miss Tam Chiak in 2007. Her four years of experience as a director can be seen in the delicious photos uploaded on her Instagram page, and her years as a journalist shine bright when you read her takes on Singapore food. Nowadays, Maureen Ow also features a travel blog and recipes for at-home cooking.

You can find her on:

@misstamchiak on Instagram

4. The Ranting Panda

A few food bloggers nowadays keep their primary identities hidden from the public, and Ranting Panda is one of them. They are composed of 3 contributors, Ranter, Rantee, and Ranbee, who have extensively reviewed Michelin-starred restaurants every year since 2016.

The Ranting Panda site amasses more than 100k views consistently every month, and the Instagram page has a steady 48 thousand followers.

You can find them on:

@therantingpanda on Instagram

5. SG Food on Foot

As their name suggests, SG Food on Foot brings you the latest trends in restaurants reachable by walking. This food blog gives you detailed food reviews and walking directions from the nearest MRT station. Covering restaurants from the CC Line to the TE Line, Derrick Tan ensures you can have good dining experiences without going far.

You can find them on:

@sgfoodonfoot on Instagram

6. Exploding Belly

Despite initially starting as a fitness blog, Clara Chua, also known as Clara Bean, is commonly known as one of the top food bloggers in Singapore. Exploding Belly consists of food and fitness blogs and a newly added lifestyle blog. Her comprehensive food reviews describe the restaurant's location, ambience, menu options, and new food.

You can find her at:

@explodingbelly on Instagram

7. The Halal Food Blog

This Halal blog began when Adam Shah and his wife discovered that halal food became harder to find. Since 2012, they have become invaluable food reviewers for the best halal food in the city.

Written with emojis and abbreviations such as LOL, this food blog relates to younger audiences who prefer halal food. Halal Food Blog also has an active Instagram account with 92 thousand followers.

You can find them at:

The Halal Food Blog on Facebook

@thehalalfoodblog on Instagram

8. An Affair With Food

Owned by the one and only Xue Wei, An Affair With Food is a newly relaunched food blog that focuses more on the Asian cuisine choices in the city. She bases many of her reviews on Chinese food, especially those served during the Chinese New Year. The blog also features recipes for those striving for good homemade food.

You can find her at:

@anaffairwithfood on Instagram

9. Eatbook

One of the most popular Singapore YouTube channels is Eatbook, which has 139,000 subscribers and a strong Facebook following of 300,000. They take reviews in a different direction. Behind every thought is a food blogger with the ability to cook, which provides you with a new perspective.

You can find them on:

@eatbooksg on Instagram on YouTube

10. Sethlui

Since 2013, Seth Lui has turned his blog into a powerful media house that explores all kinds of food – from Michelin to the more affordable food choices and even halal food. They even do food blogs about the nickname "2nd best" restaurant.

Nearing 150k Instagram followers, Seth Lui also does shorter reviews in reels, with dramatic footage of the restaurant and the spectacular foods to eat.

You can find them on:

@sethluicious on Instagram

11. Ordinary Patrons

As the name suggests, the Ordinary Patrons is a food blog owned by five anonymous people who wish to avoid becoming influencers or food bloggers in Singapore. They only want to write about their experiences with SG Food.

These ordinary patrons always look for a new dish, even tasting the food served at hotel restaurants.

You can find them on:

@ordinarypatrons on Instagram

12. Hungry Go Where

Initially founded in 2006, this newly relaunched food blog can compete with the top of the top. Hungry Go Where focuses on the more affordable food spots in Singapore. This food blog includes interviews with celebrities, specifically about their recent and favourite dining experiences.

You can find them on:

@hungrygowhere on Instagram

13. Johor Kaki

Johor Kaki is a food blog with over 58 million page reads since 2012. With more than a thousand food reviews in Singapore, you can find a business that suits your taste.

The food blogger often includes short but sweet historical backgrounds on the old and new restaurants he comes across.

You can find him on:

JohorKaki on Facebook

@johorkaki on Instagram

14. SG Food Wanderers

Are you looking for aesthetic locations for your Instagram profiles? Look no further! This rising food blog has a penchant for locating the most aesthetic cafes and restaurants that make good food.

You can find them on:

@foodwanderers on Instagram

15. Alexis Cheong

Writing since 2010, Alexis has loved writing about cuisine from Eastern Asia. With more than 20 thousand views per month, this particular SG Food blogger is a hidden gem among the many food bloggers you can find.

You can find her on:

@alexischeong on Instagram

16. Chubby Botak Koala

Trusted even in the community of food bloggers, Chubby Botak Koala and The Little Devil have gathered more than 3 million all-time views. They produce food blogs in English, Singlish, and even Chinese for locals and foreigners who want to try Singaporean food culture when they visit.

Their site features a price range per person for those on a budget or looking for affordable options for a large group.

You can find them on:

@chubbybotakkoala on Instagram

17. Foodgem

This food blogger has been featured in multiple articles since they started their journey in Singapore in 2016. Food Gem is known for its love of reducing calories in every blog. The blog also includes instructions for reaching your destinations from the nearest station.

You can find them on:

The Real Food Gem on Facebook

@foodgemsg on Instagram

18. Mighty Foodie

As a food blogger, writing reviews is a must. However, Joe from Mighty Foodie believes that his photos of his restaurant experiences speak for themselves. Since 2014, Mighty Foodie has been sharing pictures and brief descriptions of his food blogs.

You can find him on:

@mightyfoodie on Instagram

19. Dairy Cream

While food bloggers can be paid for good reviews, this food blog is fearless in giving honest evaluations of their experiences, paid or not. Dairy Cream prefers to write reviews on the finer things, such as afternoon tea and food on the more expensive side.

You can find them here:

@dairyandcream on Instagram

20. Food Chapter

This relatively new site is part of the few food bloggers in Singapore that make you feel like you're inside the restaurant and eating their fresh food through the unique and creative writing style paired up with the fantastic closeups of the food.

You can find them on:

Special Features!

Anncoo Journal

Driven by her passion for baking and cooking, Ann Low from Anncoo Journal started her food blog in 2009 as a way to document her culinary talents. Ann specializes in cakes and pastries and promotes her delectable recipes on numerous social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. Her delectable dishes are popular among Singaporeans with a sweet tooth and will satisfy any hunger.

You can find her on:

@ann_journal on Instagram

Anncoo Journal on YouTube

Afterword on Food Reviews: Food Blogger Singapore Top 20 List

Food bloggers are influencers that are crucial to restaurants because they bring in more customers. Famous blogs like Daniel Ang's and Miss Tam Chiak have been on the scene since the early 2000s, which gives them continuous trust from audiences, but that does not mean that newer ones cannot be trusted; they can become your go-to blog when looking for a good time. A creative agency Singapore may use the food bloggers' experience and insights on the local food scene to boost their marketing strategy and generate captivating content that resonates with their target audience.

When choosing the right influencer for your tastes, the number of deciding factors and their style is challenging. However, considering the top 20 bloggers of 2023, you can narrow down your choices to find the perfect blog.

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