March 6, 2023

Get To Know The Top 10 Singaporean Youtubers You Should Be Watching Everyday

What are Influencers?

Influencers are essential to everyone's lives, especially in recent years. They promote items, share their experiences, and review whether things are worth the money. A prominent kind of influencer is a YouTuber.

YouTubers in Singapore and what they do

You would be an outcast if you were not a subscriber of the YouTube channel list you would find today.

Thanks to YouTube, Singaporeans can now discover incredible information about people overseas, especially their fellow citizens. You do not need to spend money and time just to be denied due to border restrictions.

Within the platform are many popular Singapore YouTubers, like Night Owl Cinematics, the Jebbey Family, Sam Willows, Brenda Tan, and many others.

Why these Singaporean vloggers are so influential

Due to most of the country opening and watching the video sharing platform daily, YouTube videos are an essential part of their daily lives. May it be delicious food, comedy skits, beauty tips, or lifestyle videos, these YouTube influencers have it all for you!

There are many famous YouTubers in Singapore. Today, Khepri Digital will discuss the most popular YouTube channels based on their quality.

The Top 10 Singaporean YouTubers that you must know

JianHao Tan

If you like funny skits, you're one of the almost six million subscribers of JianHao Tan. He is known for comedic performances about the struggles of student life. JianHao also posts occasional travel vlogs.

As the CEO of Titan Digital Media, the 29-year-old is at the top of influencer marketing in Singapore. The channel's most popular video is "Good Students vs Bad Students", with 43 million views.

You can find him on:

Wah! Banana

Comedy skits about relatable everyday events have been Wah! Banana's speciality since 2012. Supported by Garena, the YouTube career of the channel has come a long way. For influencer marketing through comedy, Wah! Banana is the YouTube channel to go to.

They have many popular comedy skits, with the most viewed video, "Your Mother vs My Mother", at 22 million views.

You can find them on:

Peggie Neo

As the top YouTuber for mukbang videos, Peggie Neo has tried over 500 different kinds of food. Singaporeans discover food recommendations from the petite lady with an enormous appetite.

Taking food to the extreme, Peggie has eaten five packets of the nuclear fire noodles, amassing 18 million views.

Reproducing her performances is not recommended.

You can find her on:

Click Network

Known as the Singaporean YouTuber for lifestyle videos, Clicknetwork's videos give helpful tips on life hacks and possibly mental health. The channel has been uploading since 2011, gaining over a million subscribers.

"Emergency Hacks - Hack It: EP12" is their most-watched video, with over 5 million views. Their YouTube videos feature many different Singaporean YouTubers as well.

You can find them on:

Naomi Neo

As a mother of two kids, Naomi Neo is a YouTuber with rising popularity. She has moved on from being known as the ex girlfriend of JianHao Tan and is now married and her influential self. She shares daily life with her audience through daily vlogs, pregnancy updates, and travel vlogs.

Among the famous mummy bloggers Singapore is proud of, her most popular videos are comedic skits like "11 Types of Girlfriends Guys Hate", with almost 4 million views, and "Lies Students Tell" with 3 million views.

You can find her on:

Rayner Teo

If you are looking for a YouTube video about the value of money, Rayner Teo is the YouTube channel for you!

The YouTube Channel posts educational videos about forex trading, price action trading, technical analysis, etc. If it's about trading and finance, Rayner is your go-to vlogger.

His video, "The Ultimate Candlestick Patterns Trading Course (For Beginners)", has helped over 6 million people all over the platform.

You can find him on:


If you are subscribed to Click Network, you already know Xiaxue or Wendy Cheng. Known for her videos about makeup tutorials and beauty hacks, travel vlogs and controversial topics, Wendy has gained over two hundred thousand subscribers.

The beauty hacks and makeup tutorials can range from Disney villain looks to debunking common eye myths. She has also collaborated with the Mongabong, Night Owl Cinematics, and other SG YouTubers.

"Xiaxue's Guide to Life deleted episode: Kissing a girl" is the top video on the YouTube channel, with over 3 million views.

You can find her on:


A pair of YouTubers, Tiffanie and Michy, are beauty influencers focusing on cheap shopping sprees, unboxing videos, and others. The siblings speak primarily Chinese, but each video has English subtitles for those who do not speak the language.

Despite having many subscribers, their content is focused more on affordable items from Taobao and the streets.

They are a fine choice for influencer marketing, as they have worked with brands like Klook, Daniel Wellington, Luiga, and many others.

Their top video is titled "I Ignored My Sister for 24 Hours and She TOOK A KNIFE... [Challenge Gone Wrong]", with 3 million views.

You can find them on:

Seth Lui .com

Originally a food blogger, the publisher has expanded his influence by uploading YouTube shorts and videos.

While being a smaller YouTube channel, Seth Lui brings food from Singapore and other cuisines in Southeast Asia. It provides the new Singaporean publisher with the opportunity to reach more people around the world.

With only a hundred thousand subscribers, the most popular food video has eight million views. The video is entitled "24 Hours With A Michelin Star Sushi Chef: Sushi Kimura".

You can find him on:

Sam Willows

This YouTube channel is unique, for its videos are a mix of song covers and original songs. The band comprises Benjamin Kheng, Jonathan Chua, Narelle Kheng, and Sandra Riley Tang.

Debuted in 2012, Sam Willows has collaborated with multiple other influencers, like JJ Lin. They've showcased a few behind the scenes videos as well.

Their song, "Take Heart", is their most-watched YouTube video, with two million views!

You can find them on:

Special Mentions

There are a lot of variations when considering the most popular YouTubers, and choosing only ten takes a lot of work. Here are a few more channels that are worth following!

The Daily Ketchup Podcast

Taking a different approach to using the platform, the Singapore YouTubers behind this channel upload podcasts. While podcasts are not limited to audio format, having a visual image helps your subscribers relate with you more. If you prefer a podcast solely auditory, they also have it for free on Spotify.

Unlike their name suggests, the podcast does not upload daily. Nor does it have anything to do with ketchup. However, they cover various topics, ranging from food to adult life hacks to international news.

"Life After The NOC Saga ft. Aiken Chia | TDK Podcast #78" is loved by their subscribers, with 350k views.

You can find them on:

The Benzi Project

The new channel, founded by Benjamin Kheng and Hirzi Zulkiflie, has amassed over sixty thousand subscribers with their skits and musical videos. Their fans have recognised the duo as delightful, and they continue to be.

"The Halal Gap" is widely loved by subscribers in Singapore, especially with more than 700 thousand views since the date of publication.

You can find them on:

The Jebbey Family

A family channel by JianHao Tan, his wife Debbie, and together with their child Starley, the Jebbey family is almost at its one million subscribers milestone!

The YouTube channel focuses on a closer look at the family's life, with many videos about each member's experiences.

Subscribers love their video, "This YouTuber Copied My WHOLE Video!" with over eight million views since publishing.

You can find them on:

Our Grandfather Story

As a documentary channel, Our Grandfather Story is devoted to discovering hidden gems in stories in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.

They use the YouTube platform to inspire those struggling with themselves every day. If you need to be heard, this channel is recommended for you.

The video "At This Buffet Restaurant, You Pay As You Wish" is widely loved by subscribers and food enthusiasts alike, with the YouTube video getting almost ten million views.

You can find them on:


Unlike the others on the list, Dharni is a Singaporean beatboxer based in Poland. The channel consists of videos about how to beatbox, song covers, and challenges from subscribers.

His tutorial video "This is how I do The Water Drop. Can you do it?" currently has six million views, which proves Dharni Ng's well-loved by his subscribers in Singapore.

You can find him on:


Eatbook, a popular food blogger Singapore channel with 139,000 subscribers and a significant Facebook following of 300,000, offers a unique approach to food reviews. Their content features food bloggers who are not only knowledgeable about the local food scene but also possess culinary skills, providing viewers with a fresh perspective on the subject.

Check their delicious food videos on:

Roseanne Tang

Roseanne Tang, one of the best beauty influencers Singapore with over 100,000 followers, attended the famed London School of Beauty & Makeup. Her blogs provide high-quality content, such as product evaluations and recommendations based on her personal experience and feedback from her numerous pupils. In addition to her videos, Roseanne has organized a number of cosmetics lessons for novices and operates her own cosmetic product business.

Visit her best and most updated beauty tips at:

Final Thoughts on Singapore YouTubers You Should Be Watching Every Day

Now that you've seen the most popular Singapore YouTubers, there is at least 1 or 2 from the Lion City influencer list you've hit subscribe and follow on.

If you are interested, follow these fantastic YouTubers!

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