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Our clients have their inboxes stuffed chock-full of leads until they're sick of it. Isn't that a problem that you'd like to have too? The top sem agency in Singapore has you covered. This is what a typical SEM campaign looks like.

Best SEM Services in Singapore: Skyrocket Your Sales and Leads NOW!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and our Google Ads Agency deliver immediate results. You will be able to reach hundreds or even thousands of users by posting ads on Google, the world's leading technology company. Unlike our Search Engine Optimization Agency (SEO), SEM campaigns get you immediate leads, without the waiting.

If looking for an SEM agency in Singapore to handle your SEM needs, seek one that has a track record of success. You may increase the lead generation you get by two or three times by utilising SEM. Run a profitable SEM campaign now, because it's all that matters.

4 Reasons to Work With Us, the Best Paid Search Marketing Agency

With our comprehensive campaign optimisation, you'll get more visitors, leads, and revenues. Our SEM experts will assist you in optimising your landing pages to achieve higher quality scores and, as a result, reduced CPCs. Hence, your ad spend is reduced, and your campaign's ROI is maximised.

Get More Valuable Clicks

Click-Through Rates (CTRs) are vital since they impact your cost per click and quality score. Our SEM specialists handpick relevant keywords that will bring in conversion and revenue via online marketing. Your online business should only be spending on Paid ads that fit your business goals. In any ad campaign, SEM agencies should maintain a list of negative keywords. An SEM service with a proven track record should focus on analysing campaign data based on Key metrics such as Conversion Rates to determine which of the targeted ads should remain.

Lower CPC & Conversions

When your cost per conversion is excessively high, it may indicate that your ads aren't performing well. It's possible that you're targeting the wrong demographic or that your ad copy isn't engaging enough. A lower conversion rate, however, may indicate that your ads are well-targeted and thus convert quickly. Conversion tracking should help build the negative keywords list that keeps costs low. Keyword research & keyword discovery is also helpful to find low-hanging fruits. Remarketing ads are also usually known to have low costs, due to the warm nature of the leads.

Performance Digital Marketing Services

The power of the advertiser is reclaimed through performance marketing. You choose the action and then pay when it's accomplished, whether a lead, a sale, or a click. You've landed at the perfect place if you're hoping to get into the realm of performance marketing and will need to brush up on your skills. Search engine marketing drives website traffic like no other when it is backed up with keyword research. Ad copywriting and landing page optimisation also play a huge part in squeezing conversions out of the already limited ad budget.

Work Directly With An Experienced SEM Specialist

You will be assigned a specialised SEM Specialist with the appropriate technical and creative expertise to provide you with that enormous advantage. Although other agencies may merely add generic keywords that have no relevance to your ads or services, we are well-known in the market for conducting in-depth research to capture terms that are meaningful to you and your audience.

Digital marketing agencies also work with paid advertisements. Outsourcing sem services to SEM specialists may look expensive, but professional sem services are known to have reduced costs by squeezing more out of your limited ad budget.

Total Transparency and Ownership of Your Google Ads Account

We are confident in our philosophy of complete transparency, which we have adopted since the beginning of our operation. Clients enjoy collaborating with us as we are entirely open about their Google Ad budget. We allow them access to their Google Search Ads dashboard alongside managing their digital marketing strategy, for instance.

Since you are the lawful owner of the account, if we establish a new Google Ads account for you and if you seek us with an existing Google Ads account. If you decide to quit, you will take all your account data and our services. You will still have access to all your ad campaigns and keyword research.

Our Approach to Managing Your SEM Campaigns

In our digital marketing agency in Singapore, we combine the best SEM methods with our machine learning technology to obtain optimal results for your campaigns and digital marketing strategies. It is only a glimpse of what we can do for you when managing your SEM campaigns.

Our SEM campaign experts will use machine learning technology to optimise your Google Ads campaign. It enables us to utilise better massive data and user behaviour or intent to improve performance.

Lower your Cost-Per-Acquisition

We want to ensure that you get the best Return On Investment (ROI) on your investment made; thus, we attempt to lower your expenditure to generate a lead. Our SEM specialists will consider Google Display Network and Remarketing ads, in addition to pay-per-click ads in Search engine marketing. Digital marketing solutions should always pivot around Google Ads that have a low cost per acquisition.

Ads Split Testing

We run ad split testing to see which ads perform best. You save money and receive more answers with better-performing advertising. Your landing page is also subject to this testing. Results will differ on Google Search and Google Display network, however.

Transparent, Clear, & Comprehensive SEM Reporting

Our top objective is to build credibility for both you and our team. We keep you up to date on how your SEM campaigns are doing and recommend concrete actions to increase social media marketing performance with the Google Partner.

Conversion Tracking on the Search Engines

Conversion tracking can offer you a fair sense of how well your SEM efforts are doing. We are responsible for the search engine results from SEM campaigns, so you can conveniently measure our progress, thanks to precise conversion tracking.

Keywords and Bids Strategy Management

Choosing the correct keywords for your SEM campaign is critical. Our team of SEM experts will investigate and select the most effective keywords for your campaigns. With our digital marketing services, we uncover low-competition, minimal keywords that most companies overlook, ensuring that your business receives the recognition it deserves.

Keyword Analysis

Our SEM campaign experts will use machine learning technology to optimise your Google Ads campaign. It enables us to utilise better massive data and user behaviour or intent to improve performance.

Call Tracking, Recordings, and Dashboard Access

We can appropriately trace phone calls to the campaigns we are executing for you, owing to our call tracking technology. You will see which keywords or campaigns are bringing people to your site. It helps us more effectively optimise campaigns depending on call conversion data and give the best outcomes for the business.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads enable you to deliver tailored adverts to viewers who have come to your site via search engines. To encourage them to revisit and finish the form, you can arrange particular goals, such as showing retargeting advertisements to users who visited your page and did not fill in a form.

When used in conjunction with Search Ads, Google Display Network, and machine learning technology, Remarketing ads can help you boost conversions and maximise your ad budget.

4 Key Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

High ROI via Search Ads

SEM Campaigns are advantageous as you only charge whenever anyone clicks on an advertisement or conducts a search that prompts it. You can establish daily budgets and pause or stop ads whenever you want to save money.

Visibility and PPC Services

Your adverts will be visible to anyone who has a Google or Yahoo! account and uses those search engines. Your SEM strategy will address people who are constantly searching for a good or service similar to yours, and it is the most specialised kind of advertising available. Shopping Ads are also a good choice for E-commerce stores.

Selectivity and Remarketing ads

Every dollar you expend on SEM is entirely in your control, and you may suspend or stop it at any moment. It will also only attract those seeking the service or product you're providing. Remarketing ads are the most selective - but you want the most targeted ads for your warmest leads.

Ease of Ad Optimisation

SEM delivers precise information on every facet of your campaigns, including clicks, impressions, and click-through rates, among other things. That way, you can keep refining your messaging and landing pages until you discover the one that produces the best conversion or ROI.

Our Clientele

As the leading SEM agency in Singapore, our customers are significant to us. Our clientele is a diverse group of SMEs and large corporations. Now more than ever, our clients are already familiar with the capabilities and advantages of SEM and could have pre-existing views about the value that our digital marketing solutions can provide to their company. These are what we've done for Search Advertising.

Our happy customers

“We've been with Khepri Digital from Day 1. Thanks to them, we went from 0 to 2 Million Annual Revenue and growing within 1 year. The next step with them is to expand our Japanese and Hong Kong market presence. Thank you, Thomas!

Wallace Wah
Chief Technology Officer, Red Crowns Senior Living

Our happy customers

“Khepri Digital has gone above and beyond in their digital marketing services for our global brand. We’ve expanded to Hong Kong and the Philippines from our home base in Singapore!”

Joshua Hong
Straits Organization

Frequently Asked Questions
About SEM Services Singapore

What Is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term that refers to the marketing of websites through search engines. It is a form of digital marketing that promotes a website's ranking and exposure on search engines. Paid adverts displayed on search results pages are used in search engine marketing to promote a brand.

Whenever users use search engines to look for services and goods, digital marketers compete on those keywords. The SEM Company essentially pay search engines to show their clients in a higher position.

Why Is SEM important?

In today's competitive market, it's critical to find where your target audiences are looking, and it is on search engine results pages (SERPs). When you're not using SEM to advertise your website, you're directing your clients to your rivals already utilising SEM.

What Is the Cost of SEM Services?

In Singapore, the pricing of SEM services varies significantly from one provider to the next. On the other hand, your recommended agency should work within your budget and give the most satisfactory possible outcomes. The average cost per click for PPC are around $1 and $2. Throughout Singapore, businesses spend approximately SGD 3,000 and SGD 20,000 monthly on paid ads on average.

How To Save Money on My PPC Ads?

Every PPC campaign for certain businesses experiences some level of click fraud, and the essence is that you will be losing money in the end as a result. A click fraud detection software should be available at the agency. The software will identify folks clicking on your adverts without purchasing anything. They can halt this activity and save you thousands of dollars by taking specified actions.

What's the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

The campaign structure is one of the main distinctions between SEO and SEM. SEO is more of a long-term strategy, so you may not notice substantial results for months. SEO will save you money over time since you won't have to pay for every click you get after organic search results. If you're searching for a more quick strategy to generate leads and sales, SEM is the way to go.

If I Already Have Organic Traffic to My Site, Do I Need Paid Advertising?

When done correctly, SEO may generate a significant quantity of organic traffic to your website. On the other hand, search engines adjust their algorithms regularly, hurting your organic traffic. As a result, SEM is the preferable option for maintaining a continuous stream of traffic to your website. For starters, the user population in Singapore and worldwide is shifting. It means that as time passes, you will receive less organic traffic.

How Do I Start an SEM Campaign?

The initial action is to choose the keywords you want to promote your business. Then, create a Google Ads account and launch your campaign. Separate your keywords into categories and allocate funds for your campaign every month. Build your landing page and ad copy, then track the campaign's effectiveness and tweak it to meet your objectives.

Which Is the Better SEM Strategy?

Although your overall objectives determine the approach you use, paid advertising works best with high-competition keywords related to user queries. In contrast, search engine optimisation (SEO) best uses long-tail and easy-to-rank keywords.

How Do You Measure SEM Results?

We'll use Google Analytics to track and measure SEM performance. You can check the number of conversions you get from SEM by establishing Goal Conversions in Google Analytics. You may also monitor the calls you acquire from your SEM ads with our Call Tracking technology.

How Long Be Will My Ad Available?

The advertisements will remain up until your regular budget is depleted. A qualified and experienced SEM agency, on the other hand, would have bidding structures in place that engage with search engines numerous times each day to guarantee that the appropriate people see the ads.

How Will SEM Benefit My Small Business?

If you use search engine marketing, your small business will make it to the top or bottom of the first search results page. While your SEO strategies may not get your page to the first page as quickly as you would like, you will gain visibility beneath your ad by being on the top page of results.

How To Choose the Right SEM Company?

Every SEM agency in Singapore is distinct in terms of the breadth and efficiency of SEM services offered. Years of experience in the industry, number and size of clientele, customer and employee turnover rate, reviews, accomplishments, case studies, and so on are a few essential characteristics that can enable you to assess which SEM suppliers are the most competent from a pool of SEM competitors.

If you collaborate with us, you're partnering with a team of expert and seasoned SEM consultants.

Should I Outsource SEM Services or Hire an In-House Expert?

In Singapore, companies are increasingly outsourcing SEM and also other digital services. Even if a company has in-house professionals, such as a Digital Marketing Manager or a Webmaster, it still outsources SEM to a reputable agency. The most notable gain of outsourcing your SEM services would be that the business will remain objective and detached from the concepts. It will improve your possibility of success at ad auctions.