March 9, 2023

Unleash Your Brand's Potential with the Top 12 Creative Agencies in Singapore

If you're currently searching for a creative agency in Singapore, you may be dead set on developing strategic marketing planning for your business. Then, you are on the right path, but you must be warned. There are many creative agencies to choose from, each offering its brand of creative services or advertising services. Plus, all of them promise and guarantee high-quality projects.

To make it easier for you to choose, this article lists the top 12 creative agencies in Singapore. But before that, we've got you covered if you're curious about what creative agencies do and how one creative agency in Singapore differs from others and similar firm types.

Let's get started.

What Are Creative Agencies? – Scope of Work

Here's what to expect when looking for a creative agency in Singapore. First and foremost, creative agencies offer marketing services and marketing assistance to assist brands in achieving their objectives. A creative agency can offer a span of expertise, such as developing tactical internal communications, creative strategies, innovative software, digital solutions, brand strategy, and advertising services.

But the work of a creative agency varies and is not limited to the abovementioned description. These creative agencies may differ in what they offer and how they deliver their services.

Any business can use creative agencies. For example, dental offices can hire them to aid with marketing and drive more people to their websites. On the other hand, a non-profit organization can use creative agencies to assist with IT requirements.

However, most clients of these creative agencies turn to them for entertainment-related creative agency services. They have the option to hire one or more creative agencies or deal with one and collaborate work with a production company before wrapping up.

The Primary Focus of Creative Agencies

Once you have chosen a creative agency in Singapore, expect it to concentrate its efforts on the following creative solutions:

  • Advertising agency

How a company wants to promote itself, including its services and products, to its target audience.

  • Digital solutions

How companies maximize the use of digital platforms and technology to up their game.

  • Design

The design and visual appeal the business wants for its products and services.

  • Brand strategy

How a company handles clients and makes sales

The Creative Team

Team members are hired by each of these creative agencies in positions suited explicitly to their services. While agencies employ numerous individuals from various fields, the size of the business and the services it provides will impact how and who they hire.

The hiring needs of a small, local creative agency will differ considerably from those of a large, global creative agency.

For example, a digital agency's campaign director would probably require strong technical abilities. They must know how to use and apply CRMs like Hubspot, Marketo, and more. They need the skills to start effective brand communication and client campaigns.

A creative advertising agency, however, might collaborate with an integrated producer or an agency producer who also contributes to a campaign. But part of their duties may involve collaborating with a different production business to produce that ad campaign.

Some of the most typical positions available in many creative agencies include the following:

  • Researchers

They assist clients in making decisions based on future trends, brand analytics, and meaningful connections. Researchers are responsible for studying the trends and demand in the industry and helping clients in coming up with well-constructed solutions.

  • Accounts representatives

They make meaningful connections with clients to get their vision and marketing goals. They will then relay the information to the creative team,

  • Creative directors

These creative individuals oversee the work of the creative department for mobile, print, web development, social media marketing, digital marketing, and integrated solutions. They will see that all work complies with client standards and give final approval before project delivery.

  • Designers

They lead the creative department of a marketing agency in executing creative ideas to develop outputs to promote the client's brand. They include graphic design, web design, print advertising, corporate videos, digital campaigns, and other award-winning ideas they can come up with.

Different Types of Creative Agency Services

Creative agencies offer a variety of ideal brand marketing strategies. You can choose among the creative marketing services that will help boost your sales, sustain good public relations, and build long-term relationships with your clients.

These creative agencies assist companies in bringing in new clients and enhancing customer loyalty and brand recognition among their current clientele. Typical services provided by advertising agencies include:

  1. Consulting Agencies

These firms create original marketing plans to assist businesses in bringing in new clients or retaining current ones. They use market research and client data to ensure their strategies have the highest possibility of succeeding. Consulting firms frequently focus on one particular area of consulting, such as a sole industry sector, business management, or implementation.

They may also advise clients on marketing progress, how to provide services, or what constitutes a highly competent production. As a creative agency Singapore, they can also brief several business owners about the following:

  • Enhancing processes and operations

Creative agencies, as consulting firms, examine a client's processes to identify ways to improve customer service operations, development, logistics, and production.

  • Launch events, products, and services

A creative agency can also advise businesses on the market's demands according to their audience's budget. They can also suggest ways to develop high-quality projects in time for launching new products. 

  • Boost revenue and sales

Consulting firms give companies the ability to develop plans that increase profitability and cut costs.

  • Market expansion

These organizations assist businesses in deciding how to grow their clientele and where expansion can be financially advantageous by using market research and information on the success of a client's product or service.

  1. Interactive Agencies

These creative agencies deal with projects defining the new digital era. They pave the way for industry leaders to capitalize on concepts using cutting-edge technology. As a marketing agency, this type of creative agency Singapore is always technologically ahead in incorporating design thinking and simple creative ideas in coming up with digital content.

A creative agency of this type can work as a media production agency for small projects. But if a client requires big-time video production services, the company teams up with a bigger creative agency or a digital marketing company in Singapore to handle the project.

Interactive agencies, aside from producing high-quality projects, provide the following services:

  • Concepts that integrate augmented reality and virtual reality

To help clients conquer the digital space, the creative agency can suggest projects that make meaningful connections between the message and advanced ways to construct digital content. The creative design and modern output can be in many forms, such as LED displays or interactive billboards, which are powerful in relaying the message to your target audience during in-store demos and product launches.

  • Interactive billboards

These billboards encourage interactions. A creative agency in Singapore can help turn your vision into something big, animated, and interactive.

  • Branded games

A creative agency in Singapore can create games through a video production website address or construct digital games to suit a client's products or services.

  • Website design

When you hire an interactive creative agency Singapore to put up and launch a company website, expect it to be interesting, with many of the elements moving. This creative agency focuses on interaction. Whether it's creative design or web development, the outcome will always appear as the best representation of the digital era.

  1. Design Agencies

A creative agency in Singapore with expertise in design concentrates on how things, services, and brands look. They frequently collaborate with other creative businesses, such as advertising and consulting firms, to put their ideas into practice.

A few of the services provided by design agencies are as follows:

  • Product design

A creative agency focused on design services focuses on creating a creative design that enhances the product's appeal without compromising usability.

  • Branding design

Upon hiring a creative agency in Singapore expert on design, expect them to come up with the best visual representation of your business packaging, typefaces, logos, and corporate identity.

  • Print design

This creative agency also layouts and develop detail-oriented materials intended for traditional marketing methods, such as posters, catalogues, newsletters, flyers, and more.

  • Digital design

A master design creative agency in Singapore can produce graphics for web applications, web development, and simple creative digital solutions for an e-newsletter, websites, and mobile and online desktop publishing.

  1. Digital Agencies

Design and development of screen-based products and services is the focus of a digital creative agency Singapore and the like. This way, they will stand out from similar products or services and it will be easier to engage their customers. Designers at digital agencies ensure they create consumer-friendly digital solutions using their technical and aesthetic geniuses.

Some of the specific services provided by digital agencies include:

  • Digital signage

Through technology, a creative agency in Singapore can now develop animated displays intended as outdoor advertisements.

  • Internal and intranet business app design and development

Digital agencies produce websites and apps for usage within an organization, such as internal contact databases for staff members working from various locations.

  • Website analytics

A digital creative agency in Singapore gathers data to rate how its online campaigns are faring. This is done through audience engagement conversions and click-through rates.

  • Online presence

A creative agency focused on digital marketing use integrated solutions, social media marketing on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.), online advertisements, mobile optimization, responsive design, and more. The agency also works on the client's search engine optimization to boost its online presence and appeal. A perfect example can be found on our top YouTubers in Singapore list as they excelled in leveraging the online video platform by creating trending contents for their subscribers.

  1. Advertising agencies

Advertising companies produce promotional programs and materials to increase awareness of their client's products and services. They help companies gain new clients and improve customer retention and brand recognition.

Some of the services provided by advertising agencies include:

  • Ad placement

A creative agency in Singapore dealing with ads also handles where to place them. Aside from online and various digital spaces, they can also place ads on public spaces, television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. The goal is to put the ads so they can act as an effective communication tool between the product and its probable clients.

  • Advertisement production

When you get the services of a creative agency Singapore in creating your ads, it will ensure to create ads based on research and strategy. To successfully carry out strategic campaigns, advertising companies develop a wide variety of ads, including those for television, radio, magazines, and billboards.

  • Brands introduce strategies

Advertising agencies use market research to assist companies in creating marketing plans that would increase the visibility of their brands. The plan comprises a range of promotional items that can help the company improve brand recognition.

  • Market research

To learn what target customers think about a brand, advertising agencies conduct focus groups and research market trends. They use the data to come up with effective traditional and digital marketing techniques for the client.

What Distinguishes a Creative Agency in Singapore from other Kinds of Agencies in Singapore?

Simply put, a creative agency deals with many services besides digital marketing. It can offer design, consulting, advertising, and other services discussed above. This means that when you get the services of a creative agency Singapore, you can expect to choose from a wide range of jobs it can handle.

On the other hand, a digital agency (at times, a Singapore top Google SEO agency) focuses on a particular digital industry rather than a broader range of services. For instance, a digital agency might be the best option if you need comprehensive digital services like social media marketing or search engine optimization (SEO).

But suppose your business requires a firm that can develop video ads for streaming platforms, digital marketing ads (click here for this guide for Facebook ads), and TV commercials. In that case, you must go to a full-service creative agency Singapore.

The importance of complying to local or expert-specific legal rules must also be highlighted. The PHMC guidelines is a particular piece of legislation that controls hospital and medical clinic advertising in Singapore. These standards' compliance ensures that the advertising industry sticks to moral and legitimate principles.

Top 12 Creative Agency Singapore: The Best Advertising Firms in the Industry

There is no doubt that advertising is a crucial component of building your brand and surviving in the market for all businesses, regardless of its size. Despite the presence of many similar-sounding agencies, finding a competent, creative agency Singapore can occasionally be challenging.

Let's cut the hard work by providing you with a list of the top creative firms in Singapore. Take a look:

  1. TBWA Singapore

Instagram: @tbwasg


Web page:

Physical Address: 991C Alexandra Road

Contact Number: +65 6225 5288

TBWA, aka the Disruption Company, takes pride in challenging norms and thinking outside the box. Hence, it is looked up to in the industry as a culture-defining creative agency Singapore. You'll often see the firm ranking among the top 10 global advertising agencies worldwide. The recognition is mainly due to the company's philosophy of disruption.

Additionally, the company received highly coveted honours from all significant creative award ceremonies, such as the Emmys and the Cannes Lions. It has also won numerous prizes for campaigns, such as Be Your Own Filter from Maybelline and Driving Passion from Michelin.

  1. Leo Burnett

Instagram: @leoburnett


Web page:

E-mail Address:

Contact Number: +65 6718 0888

Leo Burnett, one of the oldest advertising companies in the world, was launched in Singapore in 2016. It was founded in Chicago in 1935. The company specializes in brand communications and consulting. Plus, it provides a wide range of creative and digital solutions.

Leo Burnett has a diverse client list that includes companies like Sony, IKEA, and the Singapore Cancer Society, in addition to national and international brands. It has a long list of multi-awarded works, including the ad campaign called Little Red Riding Hood & Emperor's New Clothes, which bagged the Cannes Lions award.

  1. Dentsu Singapore


Web page:

E-mail Address:

Contact Number: +65 6734 0110

The Singapore branch of the Japan-based Dentsu Aegis Network was launched in 1994. Since its inception in its roots, the company boasts over 110 years of experience in advertising and communications. It provides clients with growth solutions for effective customer retention.

This creative agency in Singapore has an impressive track record. It has worked with prestigious brands, including Uniqlo, Toyota, and Canon.

  1. BBDO Proximity Singapore‍

Instagram: @bbdo_singapore


Web page:

Physical Address: 30 Merchant Road in #03-12 Riverside Point

Contact Number: +65 6533 2200

This creative agency in Singapore is hailed as the most critically awarded firm in all countries from the Asia-Pacific region. It gained the number one ranking in respected creative award shows in the industry, including Spikes Asia, Cannes, and APAC Effies.

It continues to create compelling content, some of the most notable being #WhatsYourWhy and Rise from Guinness.

  1. Grey Group Singapore

‍Instagram: @greygroupsg


Web page:

Physical Address: No. 1 Magazine Road, #03-07 Central Mall

Contact Number: +65 6511 7600

Grey Group, one of the most recognized firms with a history spanning more than 100 years, has collaborated with companies like Canon, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Volvo. Additionally, it offers a wide range of services, including shopper marketing, activation, and advertising. It helps its clients expand by addressing marketing difficulties with fresh and original ideas.

Among the memorable projects done by this creative agency in Singapore is #GiletteSaultes for P&G and #SensodyneRamadan for GSK.

  1. Havas Media

Instagram: @havas


Web page:

Physical Address: 80 Robinsons Road, #20-01 068898

Contact Number: +65 6317 6934

Charles Louis Havas founded the Group in 1835. It now provides jobs to more than 20,000 people and operates in over 100 countries. Its goal is to link various companies in meaningful ways. It is among the companies in the creative industry with the most homogenous teams.

This creative agency in Singapore offers many services, such as mobile marketing, digital marketing, brand design, and advertising. It's not surprising that the company has a long list of prestigious clients, including Lego, Forbes, and Lacoste.

  1. MullenLowe

Instagram: @MullenLoweSG


Web page:

Physical Address: CIDC 90 Eu Tong Sen St., Blk A #04-01/02 Creative Innovative Development Centre

Contact Number: +65 6849 4888

This creative agency in Singapore specializes in ads and brand strategies that defy category norms and conventions. It offers a through-the-line marketing scheme with a focus on brand strategy. The company is highly regarded for its purpose-driven approach to its marketing gimmicks. This is why it has sustained respectable brands as clients, such as Johnson & Johnson, Knorr, and PETA.

  1. Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore

Instagram: @saatchiandsaatchi


Web page:

E-mail Address:

Contact Number: +65 6206 6260

This company was established in London in 1970 and now enjoys 130 branches worldwide. It was only in 2004 that it was launched in Singapore. But since then, it has built an excellent reputation in communications, creatives, and top-notch services. Some of the clients it has dealt with include Lexus, HSBC, and Subway.

  1. Ogilvy & Mather Singapore 

Instagram: @ogilvy


Web page:

Physical address: 71 Robinson Road

E-mail Address:

Contact Number: +65 6213 7899

This company, launched in 1948 by David Ogilvy, now has 132 offices in 83 countries. It has Chris Riley at its helm. The company is proud of the awards it received for excellent work. One of its most memorable and well-received campaigns is Pitching French Films to Hollywood for Alliance Francaise de Signapours. This earned the company two Gold Lions recognition in 2017 at Cannes.

  1. J Walter Thompson

Instagram: @jwtsingapore


Web page:

Contact Number: +65 6880 5088

This company started in 1864, and since then, it has grown to have more than 200 offices in 90 different nations. JWT offers a range of expert services in Singapore, such as digital transformation and branding. It has already handled many reputable names in the industry, such as Unilever, Nikon, and Changi Airport.

  1. Crio Collective

Web page:

Physical address: 1008 Toa Payoh North #05-04/05/06 S318996

E-mail Address:

Contact Number: +65 9469 1000

This creative agency in Singapore serves as a one-stop shop for its clients' visual and digital content. It offers ample studio spaces at prices affordable to most kinds of businesses. What's more, it engages its clients and does its best all the time to bring visuals to life.

  1. Studio Dam

Web page:

Physical address: 1013 Geylang East Ave 3 #06-112

E-mail Address:

Contact Number: +65 9731 2644

Husband and wife pair Debby Yu and Matthijs Rikken leads Studio Dam. It specializes in logo designs, spatial projects, product design, and more. It works on its clients' brands to make them more appealing and easily recognized.


While the phrase creative agency sounds general, the range of services it can provide is astounding. As long as you get the services of the right creative agency Singapore, your brand will find it easy to reach new heights, and your company to sustain higher earnings and a flawless reputation.

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