SCAM ALERT: Khepri Digital’s Name and Branding Used By Scammers to Solicit Money

It has come to our attention that the unauthorised use of Khepri Digital’s name and branding online is increasing.

Scammers usually prey on their targets via social media such as Facebook or Linkedin or by sending them unsolicited emails. 
In this ongoing scam, individuals post a job opening on LinkedIn via a fake recruiter company and then sending WhatsApp messages to the applicants via the Phone Number submitted on LinkedIn applications.

Scammers claim to be from Khepri Digital and send a fake job description, with a fake signature endorsed by our company Singaporean Director. They then direct victims to a phishing website impersonating the backend of Khepri Digital, and then ask for a deposit to ensure that work is given.

Please note the following

- Khepri Digital does not ask for deposits for recruitment.
- Khepri Digital never goes through recruitment companies, Whatsapp, or unofficial channels in our hiring cycle.
- Khepri Digital only hires under the company pages in Official Channels such as LinkedIn.

We urge prospective applicants or other stakeholders to verify the identity of the one you’re transacting with from our official website, official Facebook account, and official LinkedIn account. Rest assured that we’re already doing our best to mitigate these fraudulent acts by tracking them down and cooperating with the police. If you are one of the victims of these scams, you may report them to Singapore’s anti-scam hotline at 1800-722-6688 or may report them via You may also visit for more information about ongoing scams.